The top 3 in the Best Student Presentation Award at ARTEK Event 2016. From left: Andreas Konring and Camilla Tang (DTU), Jordan J. Schmidt (Dalhouise University) and Laurens van Gelderen (DTU).

Presentation awards for research on in-situ burning of oil

Tuesday 03 May 16
A PhD student and a Master’s student from DTU have recently won 1st places in presentation awards for their research in in-situ burning of oil. One of the awards was won in Greenland, while the other was won in Poland.

In-situ burning of oil in ice-infested waters seems to be a winning research topic when it comes to communicating it. In April, a PhD student and a Master's student from DTU have won first prizes for presentations of the research topic at two separate events.

ARTEK Event 2016 in Greenland

The first award was won at the international conference ARTEK Event 2016. The conference was hosted by DTU Civil Engineering in the Greenlandic town Sisimiut from 12-14 April and had several student presentations on the agenda, both from PhD and Master’s students.

One of these presentations was held by PhD student Laurens van Gelderen from DTU Civil Engineering. He won the Best Student Presentation Award at the conference for his presentation “Effectiveness of a chemical herder as a tool for in-situ burning of oil spills in ice-infested water”.

The primary objectives of his research are to evaluate the ignition mechanisms and the burning rate of oils on ice and to assess the environmental impact (e.g. on microorganisms and wildlife) of the residue. More information about DTU Civil Engineering’s research in in-situ burning of oil can be found here.

According to Laurens van Gelderen, his topic was in the outskirts of the overall conference topic: Sanitation in Cold Climate Regions. Still, the jury – which was compiled of researchers from different universities across the Arctic countries – found that Laurens van Gelderen did the best job at explaining and illustrating his research and awarded him the 1st prize.

The first runner-up for the Best Student Presentation Award at ARTEK Event 2016 was PhD student Jordan J. Schmidt from Dalhouise University with his presentation “Valuation of phosphorous removal in Arctic waste stabilization ponds”.

The second runner-up was Camilla Tang and Andreas Konring, both Master’s students from DTU, with their presentation “Waste Water Treatment Potentials in Kangerlussuaq: Characterization of Flow and Chemical Loadings”.

International Student Petroleum Congress & Career Expo 2016 in Poland

The second presentation award was won at the 'East meets West' International Student Petroleum Congress & Career Expo 2016. The congress was held from 20-22 April 2016 in Krakow, Poland.

Here, DTU student Eirini Adamopoulou won 1st place for displaying the best paper presentation and scientific research with her project “Performance of chemical herders for in-situ burning of crude oil in ice-infested waters”.

“The congress was a wonderful experience, a perfectly organized event with lively social and educational activities. We were students from across the European countries who were exchanging ideas and having fun,” says Eirini Adamopoulou.

Eirini Adamopoulou’s presentation is based on the research conducted within the course 11427 Arctic Technology. The supervisors were PhD student Laurens van Gelderen, who won the Best Student Presentation Award at ARTEK Event 2016, and Associate Professor Grunde Jomaas from DTU Civil Engineering.

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